Created for comfort.

Policy of brand is to be with nature. That's why shoes El Naturalista has a unique, sometimes urban and unique design. This is due to the fact the main source of inspiration - is nature. El Naturalista notices things seems to us everyday and unobtrusive, and embodies it in products. Designers travel around the world and study cultures and traditions differnet nations, then try to transfer it all into a new Inspiration.

Natural + Quality technological process + Innovations

Footwear consist of natural ingredients only and use last innovations and handwork  that makes it not just a makeshift, but also modern.

Ecology and care about planet.

All the shoes are eco-friendly — this is another aspect of the brand to create a real revolutionary shoes. These shoes completely belongs to recycling and disposal. Also, the company take a part in charity, which certainly increases the respect in the eyes of their customers. It's project We belive in people. A motto of the project sounds like We believe that everyone can change the world through their own behavior and attitudes.

And we believe to! Sure that a company with such a policy is doomed to succeed. We happy to present El Naturalista in Ukraine. And believe that this shoes will win and your heart, as it once won ours.