Ukrainian designer J.PEREKRIOSTOVA introduced an advertising campaign featuring El Naturalista

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Women's clothing J.PEREKRIOSTOVA presented a new collection SS17 season at Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Ukraine first got acquainted the shoes El Naturalista in the advertising of the famous Ukrainian designer.

Sculptor-garde, Isabel Miramontes, which creates extremely strange sculpture in the form of the human being, its delicate nature and state of mind J.PEREKRIOSTOVA inspired to create this collection. In own works, the author tries to show the unusual nature of the modern woman. The dynamics and a little madness and femininity are sophistication in the same time.

The collection got name «Soda». Origin of the name entails an African name, which in English means "Darkface". Designer saw the person that sculptor display in each work. This unique style and technique J.PEREKRIOSTOVA tried to recreate in own collection SS17.

Collection is available to purchase on official brand site.

Photo: Alex Ponomarev
Model: Elizhabet Treygerman L-Models
Model: Julia Oleynik L-Models
MUA, Hair: Y.Vision Creative Group
Shoes: El Naturalista

Source: ukrainian fashion week

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