Leather & tanning

El Naturalista have a type of leather for every moment and for every person.

But there is something they all have in common: they are high quality, natural leathers, and they are worked traditionally for a large part of the manufacturing process. El Naturalista work the leather manually. This is the secret of the unique finish of company products which has led to El Naturalista being recognised at world level.

El Naturalista leathers all, without exception, come from animals that have been raised for food. Thus, when brand use these leathers to manufacture their products El Naturalista extend their life cycle and reduce the environmental impact.

In El Naturalista, after finding that the vegetable processes consume a lot of water, we have decided to introduce, whenever possible, semi-vegetable tanning and when it is not the use of very low Chromium 3 alloys, always observing the European regulations. Meanwhile, El Naturalista continue to be committed to innovation and research.

SS 2015 - innovation technology "Chrome FREE"